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Status of developing:
release candidate

Actual version:
v0.91, 15.04.2014

German, English


ArchiCAD 15 Windows (development/test)

Target group:
Architects, Engineers, GDL developers

Frank Beister

Documents / Dokumente

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Object to define and outpot of plan identification number and name of plan. Individual values or predefined. Autotext support and plan numbers by separated segments.

  • plan number out of up to 10 segments
  • value lists with no limits. Conditional related to the plan number segments
  • text format by a central administrated style
  • plan name and plan category as two describing parameters.
  • Handling of autotext strings. Alternative reading via MVO.

Three user rols for easier handling in daily work.

News + History

# of segments increased

Added flexible UI for up to 15 segments of the plan number. 

1st milestone

Finished basic works. All UIs included. Translation done. Autext moved to external macro.Works fine so far. Deleted additional stuff for revisioning and moved into extra project PlanStamp, the prequiel to TheLayout 

Extended autotext + various. V0.75

Etended autotext support. Selectable values, which are listed in value lists. Support of OpenLibrarGlobals to read text indirect from MVO and XML-file. Preparation to export this part to separat macro object. Some bug fixing. Optimized list navigation. Added option for fixed segment text. 

Continued development

Value list for category. Better UI for number value lists. Change dstructure of the source code. Additional buttons in value lists for navigation. New number categories. 


Extracted font style settings dialog and parameter section parts and moved it into separate macro object.

Output plan category

Text ancor plan category added. Index to text position array by 3 parameters. Started grey out deaktivated parts. Switch for plan category. Upper chars subsitution: "SS" for "ß". 3rd role activated in UI. 

Main functionality finished

Finished the main raw structure. Version 0.22. 

To do + wishlist


  • Optional Autotext as part of the segment (Index!)
  • Alphabetical upper/lower or numerical list as part of the segment
  • Arrange Lists
  • Make segments invisible
  • Scale in the moment of placement
  • Hotspot button
  • Integrate into plan stamp.
  • Add external and delete unused internal UI-bitmaps

Wünsche / Wishes:

  • Integration into The Layout.

Known Bugs:

  • none
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