26.11.2021 New: Treppenchecker.GSM

21.01.2019 New: BIM-all-doors.GSM

02.11.2018 Update: Strukturpfeil.GSM

18.07.2018 Upgrade: Precision Tester

10.07.2018 Compatibility fixing: Wanddurchbruch.GSM and Wandschlitz.GSM.

09.04.2018 Upgrade: Dichtungslinie

23.02.2018 New: Projektor

06.02.2018 New: Hover Frame and Point Cloud Shaper

29.11.2015 New: Bodendurchbruchsymbol Modified slab opening symbol.

07.05.2015 Announcement: GDL nucleus The object fission and fusion tool.

01.05.2015 Update: PrecisionTester.GSM.

28.04.2015 New: PrecisionTester.GSM.

30.01.2015 Official publication: Wanddurchbruch.GSM and Wandschlitz.GSM.

20.10.2014 Work in progress: Wanddurchbruch.GSM.

05.08.2014 New object: Schalung.GSM.

20.03.2014 New macro objects: LineLineIntersection.GSM and LINE2cutlined.GSM.

13.03.2014 New category: Facing and paneling. New objects: Fassadentafel.GSM and Befestigungsmatrix.GSM.

20.02.2014 New object: Netz.GSM.

13.02.2014 New object: Scaleculator.GSM.

14.01.2014 New object: Babelfish.GSM.

21.12.2013 Sevearl changes and new entries: Hyperbolischer Paraboloid.GSM, Silhouette.GSM, Nummerierung.GSM, Fahne.GSM, FT Marker 14 plus.GSM and Geländerfüllung.GSM. New project page: ArchiCARD object library.

04.11.2013 Old objects, new project: The Layout Toolkit.

10.10.2013 Update: OpenLibraryGlobals.GSM, Feuerwehrzufahrt.GSM and Einschubtreppe.GSM. New: Gebäudezonen.GSM according to DIN 18599-10.

30.06.2013 New: Gründerzeitgeländer.GSM for historic railings and Billboard.GSM for staffage.

24.05.2013 New: Stahlzarge Innentür.GSM: Flexible door element.

21.04.2013 Update: Strukturpfeil.GSM: Arrow fill may be a linear gradient fill. E.g. to show heat flow.

17.04.2013 New: Defpoint.GSM.

08.04.2013 New: Koeffizientenmatrix.GSM and Checkboxlist.GSM.

27.03.2013 New: Strukturpfeil.GSM and project 2D Documentation Toolkit. Update: Curve.GSM.

21.03.2013 Update: OpenLibraryGlobals.GSM. Makros and HowTo to modify windows. Project data folder added.

11.03.2013 New: Vektorschrift.GSM.

14.02.2013 New: Schattenschrift.GSM and Lattenstapel.GSM.

01.11.2012 Update: OpenLibraryGlobals.GSM. New: File allocator.GSM.

17.10.2012 New: Muffenpfosten.GSM.

11.10.2012 New: Wandfuge.GSM. Projected: Einschubtreppe.GSM.

28.08.2012 Update: OpenLibraryGlobals.GSM.

07.08.2012 New: PrintBlock.GSM.

08.07.2012 New: Höhenlinienschrift.GSM.

07.07.2012 Finisghed a lot of pages and stuff worked on the last weeks. Access management for the GDL developers group. Added several tutorials. Fixed bugs in templates. Finished project pages. Added: GDL Developer library.

01.07.2012 New: DatumPlausibilityCheck.GSM + Feuerwehrzufahrt.GSM.

25.06.2012 New: Einkaufswagen.GSM.

10.06.2012 Upgrade: Bauteilbeschriftung.GSM.

07.06.2012 Style: Finished object pages: "macros", "various", "outdoor" and "specialities". New organization of hierarchy.

05.06.2012 Style: Finished "authors" and object pages: "general plan symbols", "openings" and "furniture". Page templates renewed.

22.05.2012 Style: Finished "theory", "tools" and "information". Pages shrinked. New icons and navigation pages.

19.05.2012 Style: Changed to a new skin and navigation. Rough change on live system in lack of time. Sorry for malfunction of some pages!

17.04.2012 New: Pflastersteinbogen.GSM / Pflastersteinfeld.GSM.

14.04.2012 New: Böschung.GSM

20.02.2012 New: The Grid.GSM

25.01.2012 New: Schrank allgemein.GSM.

20.01.2012 New: Leuchtensymbol Rundkegel.GSM.

18.01.2012 Update: Wanddurchbruch.GSM.

12.01.2012 Update: OpenLibraryGlobals.GSM. Start revision of the complete site for webshop

22.11.2011 New: Fenster 2D.GSM.

18.11.2011 New project: 2D Drafting Toolkit. Preparations for webshop.

16.11.2011 New: Fahrbahnmarkierung.GSM

14.11.2011 New: Installationsstrang.GSM.

08.11.2011 New: Treppensymbol.GSM; available on b-prisma: Schichtenbauteil 2D.GSM.

07.11.2011 New: Unterdecke.GSM and Zebrastreifen.GSM.

02.11.2011 New: Klammer.GSM.

01.11.2011 New: Kollektorabstand.GSM.

31.10.2011 New: Schichtenbauteil 2D.GSM.

25.10.2011 New: QR-Code.GSM.

04.08.2011 New: FaciltyManagementTemplate.GSM.

14.05.2011 New: Fläche.GSM.

11.03.2011 Update: Finished Dämmung.GSM

21.12.2010 New: Höhenkote.GSM.

07.12.2010 New: MPT Brüstung.GSM.

14.11.2010 New: ParameterTransferScriptGenerator.GSM.

12.07.2010 New: FT-Marker 14 plus.GSM. Abandoned development of FT marker 90 pro.GSM.

07.07.2010 New: Versatz.GSM with new demo videos.

20.06.2010 New: Ast.GSM.

16.06.2010 New: Lisene.GSM and CirclePacking.GSM.

08.04.2010 New: Rumbletext.GSM and OpenLibraryGlobals.GSM.

05.01.2010 Added new GDL fragments for standard problems.

26.12.2009 The page has moved to a new physical server. All runs now smarter. DNN is update to v5. Multilingual support for each module now. Coming pages can offer more languages now.

05.10.2009 New project: Aufsetzlinie ermitteln.GSM Construction object to find roof base line for twice inclinated surfaces.

02.09.2009 New project: Duschfeld.GSM (floor drain for swower tray)

04.02.2008 Looking for a new CMS for the platform, DNN seems not to be the right way. Typo3 is now the favourit. Checking out the time for doing the change.

03.01.2008 New project: Sign-posting

04.12.2007 New objects: EdgeStairs.GSM, Unterschlag.GSM and Richtungspfeile.GSM

11.11.2007 New objects: Konischer Pfeiler.GSM and Gotischer Bogen.GSM

22.10.2007 New macro: LostInSpace.GDL

03.08.2007 Started a new job with high demands. This stops immediate efforts in bringing openGDL online. I try to continue after my familiarization.

10.07.2007 New macro: Vektorzahlen.GDL

05.07.2007 New object: FloorName.GSM

22.06.2007 New objects: SEO-Sturz.GSM, Stulpschalung.GSM and Optionenfenster.GSM

15.06.2007 Testimonial module is complete and installed. New objects will contain the module per default. Older project pages will be upgraded step by step. Contact me, if you are missing one.
New measuring objects: Messen.GSM and Poly Measure.GSM

13.06.2007 New object: Ivar.GSM

08.06.2007 New label objects: XY location.GSM and Z location.GSM

05.06.2007 New category: Macros with two new work in progress: Curve.GSM and Polygonmania.GSM

31.05.2007 New object: Zeichnungsrand.GSM. New Projects: TheLayout.GSM and Dämmung.GSM

25.05.2007 Added theory page: Object rotation.

23.05.2007 New: Würfel.

23.05.2007 First tests with testimonial module.

22.04.2007 Added TopviewRoof/Dachaufsicht and a theory page.

11.04.2007 Added Water by Frank Chin.

01.04.2007 New theory pages with string operations added. Added TARA® and Catenary.

26.03.2007 New: Flexi Tube and Fountain.

22.03.2007 New: Schnelle Küche. Update: Polygon Calc. Theory pages added. Fragment pages divided. Theme sensitive bitmaps added to blanc front pages.

12.03.2007 Objects by projects pages added.

08.03.2007 Objects by authors pages added.

02.03.2007 New theory page sort algorithm added.

23.02.2007 Preview for a closed group of GDL developers.

21.02.2007 Paul King is so kind to check pages for misspelling and phrasing.
Olivier Dentan sent some new own objects and some updated of F. Chin.

19.02.2007 Looking for a webshop and a testimonial/feedback module. Redesigning some pages and modules.

13.02.2007 All old content is moved to the new pages. Additional pages with background and for new objects are created.

02.02.2007 The Edit button problem on MacOS X is fixed. We can go on.

05.01.2007 First frustration after missing edit menus on MacOS X.

25.12.2006 First steps on the new portal software DotNetNuke. Beginning of transfering the existing content.

12.12.2006 UPDATE: Syntax sheme for Proton editor updated to ArchiCAD 10 syntax.

12.09.2005 NEW: Skewer

31.03.2005 NEW: Tentmaker

30.11.2004 NEW: Parkplatz, gebogen / UPDATE: Wandaufbau_MSB

18.11.2004 NEW: Wandaufbau_MSB / UPDATE: Tentmaker

15.10.2004 Download Syntaxsheme for Proton Editor.

04.10.2004 UPDATE: Ellipse Pro. NEW: 3-Punkte-Kreis

03.07.2004 NEW: Tentmaker

02.07.2004 NEW: Schraube

12.06.2004 NEW: Wallcutter, Ellipse Pro, N-Eck, Zahnrad and The AnT

09.06.2004 NEW: Supershape and Winkelsymbol

05.06.2004 Positioning of the first two objects

12.05.2004 Domain registration. Built up of a first evaluation site.

17.01.2003 First proof of concept.

05.11.2002 First studies to discuss the concept.

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