DE EN Zeichnungsrand.GSM/ Paper frame.GSM


Informations / Informationen

Status of developing / Entwicklungsstatus:

Actual version / Aktuelle Version:

Language / Sprache:
German, English

Licensing / Lizenzierung:

Environment / Umgebung:
ArchiCAD 7.0+, MacOS X, Win XP (development/Entwicklung/test)

Target group / Zielgruppe:
Architects, Engineers

Author / Autor:
Frank Beister

Documents / Dokumente

 TitleModified DateSize DescriptionClicks
Paper frame.pdf5/30/2007488.70 KBDownloadManual of paper frame (EN)6625
Zeichnungsrand.pdf8/6/2009300.30 KBDownloadManual of Zeichnungsrand.gsm. (DE)6872


One paper frame fits all!
  • multilingual (german/english) 9 pages user interface with ’on the fly’ switch. freely adjustable in project-meter/feet-inch or real paper-cm/inch
  • 70+ predifined standardized-formats: DIN-A,DIN-B,DIN-C,JIS-B,ARCH,ANSI,Photo,inch, common imperial formats.
  • optional snapping on these formats when stretching in the 2d-window/ s/e-window
  • completely scale independent. All dimensions requested in real distances in paper length.
  • integrated calculator for scaling in the printer dialog or plotmaker. (= one project, any scale for printout; independent of the input scale)
  • visibility in a defined range of stories freely adjustable margins
  • 9 border styles with a couple of parameters for variations
  • seperate clip margin; switchable left/top
  • free sizeable title block; switchable right,bottom, optional dividing line
  • as many chooseable pens as necessary
  • masking the margins with solid, opaque fill. No need to adjust drawing elements. Move the object to the front and all is covered!
  • 41 different north-symbols with many different style-parameters
  • north direction snaps on relation to screen, paper orientation or (3D-) north direction.
  • freely placeable and sizeable in the drawing frame
  • dimensioning of the direction to a certain fixed angle.
  • north direction as separate, freely placable GSM-objekt (3D also) inside optional scale bar in 4 different styles
  • scale sensitive dividings, differ between inch/meter optional markers for exact folding by hand
  • two different calculation methods
  • free destination size
  • markers for centering of the drawings info-text along the margins
  • plan-number in top right corner (automatic counting) as fast reference, when the plan is folded
  • ’intelligent’ project filename, layout filename, archicad-built time, automatic workstation detection, paper size, scaling. automatic request of project settings possible.
  • 14 quick help pages
  • prepared for translations in other languages.
See pdf-manual for download above.

News + History

Closing development

This object works stable up to ArchiCAD 11. I have closed further development of this object and have merged its script with another heavy large object for drawing titles and stamps. Originally it was developed separately because of the limited number of parameters available in ArchiCAD 6. The new object will work from ArchiCAD 15 up. But it will be a longer time under construction. So this finished paper frame will be kept up to date and stays available.The project page of the new object you find here
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