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Informations / Information

Status of developing:

Actual version:



ArchiCAD 15 Windows (development/test) (older versions on demand)

Target group:
Architects, Engineers, GDL developers

Frank Beister

Documents / Dokumente

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Mapping.mov2/22/20122.03 MBDemo to show maping faults with mass tool.Download3909

Description / Beschreibung

Object for a rectangular grid, regular segmented and with random heights of its nodes.


The special thing is, that it can be mapped by a u/v mapping. The only way to exakt wrap a texture on a surface.


In the following example such a surface is generated in 3 different heights. The left three columns are generated by the COONS + MASS + MESH command. The right column is the exakt u/v mapping.




Same objects from the side view to demontrate the different heights, which generate the larger losses of the common surfaces.

News + History

Smooth surface

Removed flag stuff. Added two sorts of smooth surface algorithms. Crosswise diagonal division of the subplanes and filling by an hyperbolic form. Tested macro environment. triangle definition can be clockwise or counterclockwise. 


Upgrade to AC 9 


Upgrade to common version. Comparasion to COONS + MASS + MESH 


First version for an animated flag object 

To do + wishlist


  • Reject resulting coordinates after transformation
  • Story dependent cutplane and visibility in floor plan
  • Smooth segmentation not by division number, but depending by length.
  • Check u/v mapping with origin # 0/0 and custom geometry and texture shapes.


  • Surface interpolation by bidirectional splines
  • Import of digital landscape coordinates.
  • Editable node heights
  • Freeform border and manual u/v mapping on a bitmap
  • Demonstration with mathematical functions


  • none left to fix.
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